Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet with Advice from Our London Chiropractor

The New Year is quickly approaching and as we say “goodbye” to 2015, many of us will be making New Year’s resolutions for the year ahead. But as we all know, these self-promises have got a bit of reputation for having a short shelf life with many plans becoming just distant memories once January is over with.

So how can we make it easier to stick to those positive resolutions? Our leading London chiropractor recommends following these top three tips:

1: Only make one resolution. You are more likely to achieve your goals if you focus your energy on one thing, rather than spreading your efforts too thin.

2: Think of a resolution that’s really important to you, instead of doing what everyone else is doing. Committing to a long-term change requires determination and a strong desire to succeed. If your heart is truly in it, it will be much more difficult to stay on track.

3: Tell your friends and family about the positive changes you are making to your life and keep them updated with your progress. The more people you tell about your resolution, the more support and encouragement you will receive. And of course, it is far more difficult to admit defeat to others than it is to yourself.

Good luck! We wonder what resolutions our team of chiropractors in London will be making…