Mapping The Nation’s Back Pain …

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has revealed the results of its recent consumer research into the variation of rates of back and neck pain across different regions of the UK.

Overall the research shows a rise of 12% in back and neck pain across the nation since 2017.

The good news for us in the South East is that we appear to have the best back and neck health in the UK, with only 40% of people complaining of pain. The research also found that Londoners are more proactive in taking steps to prevent back or neck pain before it occurs.

However other regions of the UK don’t fare so well. For example, 57% of people in Northern Ireland say they are currently experiencing back or neck pain. Another disturbing trend is the increase in back or neck pain among the younger generations. This could be as a result of modern living which is highly sedentary. The Midlands fared particularly badly with 70% of residents in the Midlands experiencing back or neck pain by the age of 30.

The top trigger for back and neck pain across all regions was lifting and carrying. Sitting still for long periods came in second.

You can read more of this research on the BCA website here.