Merry Christmas! But Not If You Slouch! Back Safety Tips from our Leading London Chiropractor!

London man risks back problems by slouchingMost of us know that slouching or slumping can result in poor posture and can have a negative effect on our back health. But recent studies published in the journal, Health Psychology suggest that sitting upright can actually be a stress-busting strategy. The findings of these studies revealed that participants with upright seated postures were able to reduce their negative mood, increase positive feelings and maintain their self-esteem while under stress better than those in a slumped position. *

Our leading London chiropractor warns that with Christmas round the corner, more and more of us will be facing the health hazards of slouching as we relax and unwind over the holidays. According to our trusted chiropractor in London, the stress during the build-up to Christmas often means that come the festive holidays, some of us want nothing more than to sit and unwind. And not many people think about the dangers of poor posture while they’re snuggled up on the sofa with their families or enjoying a relaxing gathering with friends.

We all have a tendency to slouch when we’re relaxing at home, but none of us want to risk damaging our backs and necks in the process. Our experienced London chiropractor suggests that when you’re relaxing in front of the television, keep as much of your body in contact with your chair so that your whole body receives support. Let your seat take your body weight – not your back! Every 30 – 40 minutes, stand up, stretch and walk around a little. It’s also important to keep changing positions regularly.

Staying hydrated is massively important to maintaining good back health, but tea, coffee and all the festive drinks we enjoy over Christmas, just don’t do the trick, unfortunately! Our London chiropractor suggests that you keep drinking regular amounts of water (even in between the champagne and the eggnog!) to help keep your body hydrated. You’ll probably notice how much better you feel on “the morning after the night before” too!

Slouching may well be a contributor in causing negative emotions, but there are simple, practical and effective things that you can do to ensure your Christmas is merry!

* Health Psychology, Vol 34(6), Jun 2015, 632-641.