It’s the month for romance, but are you loving your spine?

It’s the month of romance but are you giving your spine the love it needs? Here are some simple tips from our London chiropractor to keep your spine in tip top condition:

1: Lift right

It’s incredibly easy to twist the wrong way and damage your spine if you don’t use proper form when lifting an object. When lifting, you should stand as close to the object as you can, and use the power of your legs to pull up the item.. Keep your head down and back straight. And of course, if you feel the item is heavy, ask for help.

2: Stretch

Keeping flexible will help to maintain normal joint function and a good range of motion. It can also reduce the risk of injury. A great way to improve the health of your spine is to start each day with a few simple stretches.

3: Stay active

You’re at a greater risk of developing back pain if you’re inactive or physically unfit. The more regular exercise you do, the healthier and stronger your spine will be.

We hope these tips help. Love your spine. Love good health!