More research on how high heels can affect you shares MotionBack

Being a central London Chiropractor we see a lot patients suffering from neck and back pain. There are a number of reasons and factors behind the pains and it is our job to find out what they are and how to treat it.

One of the big problems we come across with a lot of people is the negative effects of wearing high heels.

High heels can cause a lot of damage

However research has shown that wearing heels for a prolonged period of time can actually cause significant damage to your joints. See this news piece for further information.

Wearing high heels can be extremely damaging to your body, it can lead to arthritis at quite a young age, it can lead to ligament damage in your knees and it can lead to back pain. As a leading London chiropractor we are concerned with the affects of wearing high heels on the body.

The main damage is done to the knee and in particular the wearing down of the cartilage in the knee.

What to do to avoid prolonged and recurring pain

As always we try and find a solution with any problem. Our main advice from our London chiropractic clinic would be simple, don’t wear heels.

Of course we’re nowhere near naïve enough to think people will just stop wearing high heels or that some people don’t have to for work reasons. If you do insist on wearing high heels please be careful and practice moderation.

Spend small amounts of time spent in heels. Make sure that the height of the heels are moderate and not far off the floors. Try and keep your feet parallel to the floor as much as possible.

As well as that you should keep your head upright, keep your shoulders back and your chest in, spread your weight evenly over the whole shoe when walking and slow down and reduce the pressure on your joints by walking smoothly.