Too Much Rest Can Worsen Your Back Pain

Talk to any chiropractor or healthcare provider and they’ll tell you that too much rest is usually one of the worst things you can do for back pain. But why is this exactly?

Our London chiropractor sheds some light on why inactivity can be bad news for your back…

Movement is the key function of muscles. In other words, they need to move! Inactivity, therefore, can lead to muscles shortening and contracting because they have less of a distance to transverse. This process can be quickly exacerbated by back pain.

Inactive muscles simply do not get used the way in which nature intended them to be used. Just like a caged lion will never be King of the Jungle, muscles that are not given the freedom of movement will fail to adequately serve your body. It’s as simple as that, really.

Keep moving. Use your muscles. Put back pain to rest.