Nearly Half Way Through the Year… How are Your Health Plans Looking?

We’re almost at the half way mark through 2016 already, but are you sticking to those positive resolutions you made back in January? If you are, then a big “well done” from all the team at MotionBack! But… if the goals you had at the New Year seem like distant memories, don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to hit your targets.

Our London  chiropractor has some motivational tips to keep you inspired:

1: Don’t worry about making mistakes; they are the best foundation on which to grow.

2: Never quit when you experience a setback. Many people give up without realising just how close to they are to success.

3: Read motivational books or listen to inspiring stories. If you drive to and from work, listen to a motivating CD instead of the radio.

Here’s to saying “I did it!”