Nip Back Pain in the Bud When Gardening!

National Gardening Week is set to kick off on the 11th April which will see many green-fingered Brits getting their outdoors in full bloom ready for the summer. But how can you keep you back safe while digging, weeding and all the other labours that come with having a beautiful garden?

Our chiropractor in London has the following advice:

1: Don’t Twist

Avoid excessive twisting when digging by keeping your body in alignment with your shovel. Instead of turning your back to change position, turn your whole body instead. This will lessen your risk of picking up a painful muscle strain.

2: Sit Down

Instead of crouching to weed, sit on a gardening stool and keep your back straight at all times. This will alleviate excessive pressure on your back, knees and hips.

3: Ask for Help

If something feels too heavy to lift by yourself then ask for help or stop until someone is available to help you. Listen to your body; if something seems too difficult it’s probably your body’s way of telling you to stop!

Remember that having green fingers doesn’t mean you have to have a ‘black and blue’ back!