Out with the Old, In With The New. Change Your Mind set for Better Health

Are you thinking about being more active or changing your diet?

Are you worried that come February, your News Year’s resolutions will be nothing more than “could-have-beens”?

Remember that old habits die hard and that it is normal to face challenges along the way.

Our London chiropractor recommends asking yourself about the pros and cons of changing your habits.

How would your life improve by making some changes? Is there something specific that is motivating you to make these changes? For example, suppose you are overweight and you have a family member who is suffering from a weight-related condition.  You may find it easier to exercise more and eat a healthier diet knowing that it may help you to avoid ill health.

Remember that temptation and frustration can often override determination. Keep your list handy for all those times when you feel like giving up and reverting back to your old habits.

Starting is the hardest part – don’t put yourself through the beginning over and over again.