Our London Chiropractor Answers 7 Chiropractic Questions You May Be Afraid To Ask

If you have never visited a London chiropractor at MotionBack Chiropractic Clinic before, you may have several questions about chiropractic treatment. However, if you are like most people, you might feel reluctant to ask all of your questions because you feel they are embarrassing in some way.

When it comes to chiropractic, the old adage ‘There is no such thing as a silly question’ really does apply. Any professional London chiropractor will be happy to answer all of the questions you have, regardless of how simple, unusual, or embarrassing they are. In this post, I’m going to share some of the most common questions that clients feel hesitant about asking.


What Will Happen On My First Visit At MotionBack Chiropractic Clinic?

On your first visit to the clinic you will be asked to fill out a short medical history form in order for us to get a brief understanding of your overall health.

The chiropractor will then will go through a full case history relating to the main complaint (and any other issues you may wish to discuss). Once the chiropractor has all the necessary information they will carry out full physical examination to test the nerves, joints, and muscles.

If no further tests are required the chiropractor will go on to explain your problem in detail as well as how to get rid of it, how long it will take and how to stop it coming again. Once you have a detailed understanding of your condition and what to expect we will begin with the treatment. All treatments are tailored towards the individual.


What Is The Popping Noise That Occurs During a Spinal Adjustment?

People visiting a chiropractor for the first time are often concerned about how painful spinal adjustments may be. In many cases, they assume that chiropractic care is painful because of the popping noises that occur during certain spinal adjustments.

However, that popping or cracking noise is just the release of gas bubbles, which occurs as pressure changes within the joints. It isn’t related to bones being moved into unusual positions or related to any other dramatic changes in the body. The chiropractor is simply putting your body’s joints back into their natural alignment — the way they are meant to be.


Is It Possible To Get an Adjustment Without Cracking?

Absolutely. The “Direct Thrust Technique” is the adjustment that is associated with cracking of joints. However, chiropractors use a wide range of other techniques for making adjustments to the musculoskeletal system. Among those is “Spinal Mobilisation”, which uses gentle pressure and stretches to make adjustments. You can tell your chiropractor that you don’t want to be “cracked” and they will use other techniques.


Will Chiropractic Treatment Hurt

Chiropractic treatment is generally painless, and some patients feel immediate relief after treatment. Patients who come in with moderate to severe pain may experience temporary discomfort. If this is the case an ice pack (covered with a towel) placed on the area for approximately 15 minutes will help.


How Many Visits Will I Need?

It is not possible to determine how many visits a person will need without a consultation. After your initial consultation the chiropractor will go through the results and explain how many treatments it will take to get rid of the pain and prevent the problem coming again.


Is It Safe To Visit A Chiropractor When Pregnant?

Yes. Many pregnant women benefit from chiropractic care. Your body changes rapidly, altering your centre of gravity and your gait. This in turn stresses your spine and other joints. With chiropractic care these areas can be balanced, decreasing the levels of discomfort.


What Types of Pain Can a Chiropractor Treat?

Most people are well aware that chiropractic adjustments can relieve back pain. However, there are many other conditions that a chiropractor may be able to help with including headaches, neck pain, muscle pain, ligament pain, and generalised joint pain.


If you have any other questions, please contact our London Chiropractic Clinic  on 0207 112 5408 or via email at andy@motionback.co.uk.