Our London Chiropractor encourages you to get out and keep walking as National Walking Month comes to a close

So National Walking month has come to a close and as a busy London chiropractic clinic we have enjoyed the exposure it has gained for walking. We strongly believe in the health benefits of walking, not just physically but also mentally.

As it has ended we want to stress the importance of keeping it going. Maybe you haven’t considered walking as a form of exercise before, maybe you always used to drive to the shops but tried walking for a month or maybe you are now taking a lunchtime walk, our message to you is don’t stop

Our message as a top London Chiropractor – Keep on walking, it’s good for you

As a lot of you will now know, walking is extremely beneficial to your health. It can improve your cardiovascular performance, it can be good for your heart, it is less strenuous on your joints than say running and it can be a brilliant opportunity to clear your head.

Not to mention its efficiency as a fat burning activity and of course it will help you get stronger legs and back.

How to keep safe whilst walking to the shops, work or school

Being a provider of services that help people, we as a leading London chiropractor want to ensure your well-being and safety.

So before we leave you to your new found walking habits and start your journey towards better health, we want to leave with a few extra tips;

  • Walk and do not run – As stated above, walking is far less strenuous on your joints than running and other forms of exercise. Be careful to walk and not run, take it easy and avoid tripping or suffering from injuries through over exertion.
  • Top up your daily routine – Whilst just getting out and walking is great in the first place, wouldn’t it be even better if you challenged yourself to go even further? Once you get used to walking more regularly, why not keep topping up your walks by a few extra minutes every day and feel even more benefits.
  • Keep hydrated – As is often the case, hydration is very important. Whether you’re exercising or not it is important to keep hydrated but if you are walking to work or taking a stroll, please ensure to keep hydrated by drinking little and often.
  • Wear the right footwear – Simply make sure your shoes are flat, supportive and flexible. It is also a good idea that they allow your feet to breathe and that you leave room for your feet to swell up (if taking longer walks).
  • Walk on your heels – By walking on your heels first and then pushing off on your toes you are using your body as a natural shock absorber and will prevent injuries to your body.