Out With the Old, In With the New!

Spring is finally almost here and that means emerging from your winter hibernation and kick-starting your health and wellbeing!

Our London chiropractor has three simple solutions to instantly give your health a spring-clean.

Eat Local

Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the wonderful health-boosting produce all around you. By choosing to buy your food locally, you’ll also support farmers and help the environment!

Step into Nature

Walking is one of the best exercises to manage back pain. It’s also a really effective way to boost your cardiovascular health and burn some of those winter calories! Make the most of the nicer weather by taking regular walks in the outdoors this spring.

Unwind Instantly

If you can’t find a block of time every day to meditate, try and squeeze in a few minutes into every hour. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Concentrate on pulling the air down into your tummy. Breathe in for five seconds, hold the breath for a moment, and then slowly exhale. Continue for three to five minutes.

Nothing puts a spring in your step like good health.