Poor posture a common cause of back pain advises our Central London Chiropractor

I knew my posture was terrible but the pain in my back was really bad before Christmas and I finally decided I had to do something about it… Glad I did, much better now.

SW, Accountant, age 29

Most people at some point in their lives will suffer from back pain. The impact on their lives can be considerable. Everyday things such as driving, sitting at a desk, sleeping and picking up children can become extremely painful and arduous tasks.

Poor posture is one of the major causes of back pain in the UK. Our lifestyles often contribute to developing poor posture and back pain. If you find that you are:

  • sitting for hours at a desk or at your computer
  • slouched in front of the TV for several hours
  • sleeping in a bed that is too hard or soft
  • hunching your back and shoulders

your posture is probably suffering and so is your back.

To treat back pain effectively you need to find its cause, which a chiropractor is ideally placed to do. An experienced chiropractor will want to understand your daily activities to be able to give you advice and the best treatment for your condition.  Here at our Central London Chiropractor we can advise you to make postural changes to help improve your posture.

If you are suffering from back pain and you feel you need some help, please do not hesitate to pay us a visit or get in touch with London Chiropractor Motionback, on 0207 112 5408 or email andy@motionback.co.uk