Put a Spring into Your Step By Walking On Your Lunch Break!

The grey, sullen skies  once again should be being replaced with beautiful blankets of blue and the bare branches on the trees are getting decorated with vibrant colours.  Yes, the seasons are changing and there’s no better time to get a spring into your step – especially if you suffer with back pain.

So now that the weather should be improving (and the outdoors is a lot more appealing!), why not take a walk during your lunch break a few times a week? It could be one of the best things you’ll ever do for your spine, according to our London chiropractor.

Walking will strengthen your back and help to improve the flexibility of your spine along with boosting your range of motion and posture. These benefits will not only help to reduce the severity of your back pain, but will help to prevent future episodes from occurring.

What’s stopping you from starting this week? Maybe the weather but that shouldn’t be an excuse much longer!