Research highlights the negative impact that office life can have on your health

Being a busy London Chiropractor we see a lot of patients come through our clinic doors with a variety of problems. A lot of what we’re seeing is without doubt caused by changes in the way we are working.

Working life has changed for the majority of the population. Instead of high calorie burning work days such as mining, farming, manufacturing or even some service jobs such as waiting tables, we are now sat down. Most of us will be sat at a desk but even some of you will be sat down all day on transport or in a call centre.

We accept that the average working day has changed for millions of us and we can see the negative impact of working in an office is having on our health.

London chiropractor highlights our inactivity at work

It’s not just that we’re working in offices more than we have done in the past either. It’s our inactivity during the working day that has such a negative impact on our health.

Many of us will spend less than 30 minutes on our feet during an 8 hour working day. Many of us are eating lunch at our desk and not even getting up and moving spots.

This level of inactivity is bad for our health. It can cause heart disease, type 2 diabetes, of course neck and back pain as well as poor mental health

What you need to do to change

As with a lot of things in life, you’re not doomed to a bad back and poor health. As a leading London Chiropractor we have a few pieces of advice for you that should help you out;

  • Sit well – The first one is a simple one sit well, practice good posture, line up with your computer and don’t put your spine under any unnecessary strain.


  • Get up and go for walks – The second tip may not sound possible at first, but trust us, it is. Your boss may not like the thought of you going for a leisurely stroll during working hours but you can still get up and go to the photocopier, you can still run errands, you can still make tea and coffee for everyone. You can also go out for lunch, enjoy the outdoors and go for a walk.


  • Do desk exercises to get some activity in your body – There are a whole range of exercises out there but the main aim is to get moving throughout your working day. Keep active and keep your body in better condition.


  • Finally stand up more – Do this on the phone, in team meetings or whilst thinking and working.

A sedentary lifestyle brought upon by office working is a big problem for you and your health but it can be overcome, you can work on it and work towards making the best of the situation. For further advice please get in touch.