Is Running Good for Your Spine?

This month the London marathon will see runners put to the ultimate endurance test as they make their way round a gruelling 26 mile course.

But what risks does running put on the spine?

Running can have positive or negative effects on health, depending on the condition of the individual as well as their weight, stride and coordination. However, our team of chiropractors in London suggest that you seek medical advice before running  if you currently suffer/ or have suffered from severe or chronic back pain.

So how exactly can running affect back pain?

When you run, your feet hit the ground harder than when you walk. This repetitive jarring can be detrimental on your spine and joints. Marathon runners actually measure a few centimeters shorter than normal after a race due to reduction in fluid between the spinal discs. Even though this side effect is temporary, it shows the amount of stress that running can place on the spine.

It’s important that you seek medical advice before starting any new exercise program or if back pain develops/ worsens during or following exercise.