Shopping Online This Year? Keep Your Back Safe With Tips from Our Leading Chiropractor in London

london chiropractor treats back pain after online shoppingThis year, many of us will be dodging the chaos of traditional Christmas shopping for the calm and comfort of buying online. But, while this saves us from carting around heavy bags, battling with frenzied crowds and waiting in seemingly endless queues, online shopping doesn’t come without its health risks.

Our trusted London chiropractor warns that being hunched over a laptop for hours on end puts us at risk of straining our backs and necks and it’s important that we take measures to prevent picking up an unwanted injury. So, while it may seem an attractive option to slouch into the sofa to get this year’s Christmas lists ticked off, you could end up with a back injury without lifting more than a finger!

Our experienced chiropractor in London shares the following advice for a pain free online shopping spree:

• Don’t sit on the sofa while shopping on a laptop. Instead, choose a chair with armrests that fully supports your back. Your bottom should rest against the seat back and your shoulder blades should touch the back rest of the chair.

• Adjust your seat so that your feet rest flat on the floor. Keep your knees bent, ensuring that there’s a sloping angle from your hips to your knees. Your hips should be higher than your knees and your eyes should be level with the top of the screen.

• Remember to change positions and take regular breaks from the computer/ laptop you are using.

Our London chiropractor also has advice for those of you who prefer a more traditional style of Christmas shopping. According to our team of chiropractors in London, many shoppers carry the majority of their shopping bags on one side of the body, but this can put unnecessary strain on the back and neck muscles. Try to distribute the weight of your shopping between both sides of your body and if possible, take your bags back to the car periodically. A lot of shopping centres offer secure shopping ‘creches’ that allow you to safely store your items while you continue to shop.

Christmas may be a busy time, but it only takes a few moments to remember this professional advice that could just save you from picking up a painful injury.