Simple Changes For A Healthier You in 2019

As a London chiropractor, many clients coming into my chiropractic clinic are interested in improving their physical health.  I assist them by performing spinal and joint adjustments which help them regain mobility, improve their sporting performance, and reduce any pain they may be experiencing.

However, there are also many lifestyle changes that clients can undertake to enjoy a healthier musculoskeletal system.  This article will share a few simple changes you can make to enjoy a healthier you in 2019.

Spend less time sitting

Sitting for long periods can be quite damaging for your health.  One of the worst effects of sitting frequently is that your back and abdominal muscles become weaker.  As a result, your core will be less able to support your body and you will have a greater risk of suffering a back injury.

Sitting many hours a day can also negatively impact your posture.  It is common for people who sit all day to suffer from forward head posture, round shoulders, and rotated hips.  In severe cases, a sedentary lifestyle may lead to Scoliosis, which causes the spine to twist from left to right instead of running in a straight line.  This condition can impact the vital organs and cause a significant amount of pain.

The best way to spend less time sitting is to be physically active in your private life and to use a standing desk at work.  If you cannot use a standing desk, endeavour to get up from your seat for at least 5 minutes every hour and perform some basic stretches.

When you must sit, do so in an ergonomically correct way:

  • Your feet should be on the floor or supported by a platform
  • Keep your spine straight
  • Look straight and keep your head up
  • Knees and hips should be level
  • The chair should have arm rests and lumbar support
  • Monitor should be at arms length
  • Keep the position of the monitor slightly below your line of sight

Perform joint mobility stretches

Another simple change you can make to dramatically improve your health in 2019 is to regularly perform joint mobility stretches.  These stretches target the joints in your hips, ankles, shoulders, and other areas in the body.  They are fantastic stretches for improving your flexibility, posture, and muscle tone.  To get started, read this Healthline article or this LiveStrong article.

Make exercise a part of your daily ritual

The key to incorporating exercise into your life is to make it a “normal” part of your daily schedule.  To pick up the exercise habit, make some form of exercise an essential activity for at least 30 days.  Exercise will change from something you occasionally do to a part of your everyday life.

As little as 30 minutes of walking each day can improve the health of your musculoskeletal system.  Many of the patients who visit my London Chiropractic clinic have dramatically improved their posture, joint health, and spinal health by simply walking their dog every afternoon.

Eat more whole foods

Most processed foods are packed with preservatives and artificial additives.  Instead of eating these low quality foods, eat more fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. These whole foods will deliver a higher nutritional pay load, ensuring that your body receives the nutrients it requires for good bone and joint health.

Start by making small changes to your diet.  Instead of having white toast with processed jam in the morning, have a bowl of berries and a piece of wholemeal toast with a small amount of butter.  You will be amazed by how much energy and vitality you will have once you incorporate more whole foods into your diet.

Pay attention to how you use your body
The simple act of being more aware about how you are using your body can prevent injuries to the musculoskeletal system.  Make it a habit to think about how you perform daily tasks and how it might affect your joints.  For example, if you are a parent with a small child:

  • Use your whole body when picking up your child, bending at the knees
  • Avoid twisting and lifting when picking up your child
  • If you carry your child on the side, switch arms frequently
  • Place your baby carrier on the hips, so the weight is evenly distributed and won’t injure your lower back
  • Use pillows when feeding your baby to avoid injures

 When performing housework:

  • Stand up straight when mopping or vacuuming
  • Avoid twisting your torso when picking up heavy items
  • If you are required to bend over to clean something, take frequent breaks
  • Make sure the work space is safe (clean water from the floor, ensure adequate ventilation)

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