Some tips if you’re driving to a Summer Festival

Summer is here and for many of you young and old that means one thing, you’re going to a festival! Whether it is Glastonbury or a food festival you’ll be excited but you’ll also probably be driving a fair bit to get there.

As a leading London Chiropractor we know the pain long distance driving can inflict upon your body and we want to share with you some simple advice to avoid pain this summer.

Long distance driving can be a pain

The problems caused by driving long ways can actually be quite bad. Sitting down in a cramped position for long periods of time can cause bad back pain, neck and shoulder pain. It can cause aches in your legs and all over and it can have negative effects on your blood pressure.

 Leading London chiropractor shares its advice on keeping your back safe on the move

No need to worry though, we have it covered and if you follow the simple advice below, long distance driving should be easy for you;

 Driving position – First of all it is important to get your driving positioning right. Ensure your hips are higher than knees and that you have slight bend at your elbows

  • Steering wheel – Make sure it isn’t too or too low and that your body is close enough to it. There should be a slight bend at the elbows when your hands are on the wheel.
  • Seatbelt – Your seatbelt should always lie across the top of your shoulder and it should never rub against your neck or drop below the shoulder.
  • Footwear – Once you are positioned correctly your sheet should naturally fall upon the pedals. Make sure you’re wearing appropriate footwear so avoid high heels and chunky boots
  • Mirrors – The mirrors should be positioned so you don’t move your head too much and only rely upon eye movements.
  • Take regular breaks – It’s a simple one but still very important.
  • Wear comfortable clothing – Not too tight and restricting.