Starting a New Year Health Regime? Three Tips for Swimming with Back Pain From Our Leading London Chiropractor.

Swimming indoors is a popular form of exercise at this time of year when the weather outside is still unpleasant. As a team of experienced London chiropractors, we recommend swimming as the buoyancy of the water holds your body weight and limits the stress on your joints and spine. But many strokes can aggravate lower back pain. Here are three top tips for safe swimming with back pain:
1: Keep your shoulders in line with your hips while you’re swimming.
2: If you enjoy swimming but find it worsens your back pain, try taking part in water therapy. This takes place in warm water and eases you into the exercise gently.
3: The movement involved in various swimming strokes will affect your spine in different ways. Learn about how different strokes can affect your back pain and only swim in a style that is comfortable for you. If you work with an instructor or trainer, you can establish a safe swimming routine between you.

Before undertaking any form of exercise please consult with a medical practictioner or your chiropractor.