Stay safe on the golf course with this advice from our London Chiropractor

To those of you who don’t play that much golf it may seem like quite a leisurely past-time. However it can definitely take its toll on the body if not done properly. Being busy London Chiropractors we often get patients coming in to us with a bad back after a golf session. We want to share out simple advice with you to avoid getting yourself in pain.

Tolls of playing Golf

Before we look how to avoid injury we should probably take a quick look at the pains you may face when playing golf.

All it takes is one poorly executed swing and you can over extend your muscles, all it takes is consistently twisting your body too much and you can cause pain. The lower back, shoulders and wrists are the joints most at risk when playing golf and the repetitive nature of the swing can really focus pain on a weak joint.

The other main risk is from carrying a bag that is just too heavy.

How to avoid injury and stay safe on the course

Don’t worry though avid golfers, it is quite easy to stay pain free. All you have to do is;

Warm up properly. If muscles are not prepared by a good stretching routine, this can lead to a lack of flexibility and therefore injury. Make sure you spending time warming up before teeing off. Stretch hamstring, quads, chest muscles and shoulders.

Good swinging technique – By simply aligning the body perfectly, everyone can play golf better, with less effort and have more fun at the same time whilst avoiding injury.

Stretching around the course and after – As much as it is important to stretch before teeing off, it is important to stretch as you go. Playing 18 holes can take a while and our advice to you as leading London Chiropractors is to stretch as you go and of course after your session.

Avoid lifting heavy bags – There isnt really a need to carry anything too heavy so don’t do this.

Wear appropriate footwear – Most courses will insist on this anyway but wearing inappropriate footwear is just asking for an injury.