The 3 Most Common Conditions Our London Chiropractors Treat After Back Pain

Although most people associate chiropractors with treatments involving the spine, they can also treat conditions affecting many other parts of the body. This includes problems affecting the neck, shoulders and knees.

In this post, our London Chiropractor explains how chiropractors can help patients experiencing problems with these areas of the body. If you have any questions of need to book an appointment with a London chiropractor, give us a call on 0207 112 5408 or you can book an appointment online on our website here.


Neck Pain

We’ve all been there — you wake up in the morning with an unexpectedly sore neck. In most cases, the soreness will be caused by poor posture, muscle tension, or an injury of some kind. However, age can also play a role with degenerative conditions like arthritis being involved.

In many cases, neck pain will go away on its own. However, if it remains present for several days, it is time to see seek advice from a suitably qualified medical profession such as a chiropractor. They will be able to identify the underlying cause of your neck pain and offer the appropriate treatment.

If you decide to visit our chiropractic clinic in Central London, our chiropractors will always begin with a consulation and physical examination. Our initial goal is to determine the root cause of your injury. Once we have an understanding of what is going on, we can offer a combination of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and physical therapy.

Lifestyle adjustments may also be required if your neck pain is related to poor habits, bad workplace ergonomics, or a sedentary lifestyle. Fortunately, neck pain usually responds well to treatment, so you should be able to make a full recovery.


Shoulder Pain

Shoulder injuries can sometimes be challenging to treat as the shoulder is a structurally and functionally complex part of the human body. Although it only has three bones, the shoulder has four joints: the Glenohumeral (GH) Joint, Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint, Sternoclavicular (SC) Joint, and the Scapulothoracic (ST) joint (a floating joint).

The shoulder needs to be this complex to support all of the movements it can perform. However, this complexity also makes it vulnerable to injury.

Fortunately, chiropractic treatment has been proven to be an effective and non-invasive way to treat shoulder injuries. Our chiropractors at MotionBack chiropractic clinic use chiropractic adjustments, mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, posture correction, and specialise exercise programs to treat: 

  • Muscular tension
  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Shoulder Tendonitis
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Shoulder Instability
  • Shoulder Dislocation
  • Ligament Injuries
  • Rotator Cuff Calcific Tendinitis
  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome
  • Rotator Cuff Tears
  • Arthritis Shoulder
  • Biceps Tendon Rupture
  • Swimmer’s Shoulder and many other shoulder injuries


Knee Pain

Knee pain is another common condition that our London chiropractors treat. In most cases, knee pain often results from an injury that has occurred on the sporting field. These sporting injuries typically involve damage to the ligaments which support the knee.

Our chiropractic team also see patients who are dealing with non-traumatic knee pain caused by impaired physical movement. This often occurs as a result of muscular imbalance, disability, or a repetitive strain injury.

The final group of patients we often see with knee problems are individuals suffering from a degenerative condition like arthritis. This type of condition causes the degeneration of the knee cartilage, allowing the bones in the knee to come into contact. It can be extremely painful and cause a significant amount of inflammation in the knee joint.

Our chiropractors use conservative chiropractic techniques when treating these types of injuries and diseases. This usually includes low-intensity chiropractic adjustments to align the knee, soft tissue therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation, and range of motion exercises to restore mobility.


If you are suffering from neck pain, knee pain, or shoulder pain, be sure to give our clinic a call on 0207 112 5408 to schedule an appointment or book an appointment online on our website here.