The Amazing Mechanics of Your Spine

The spine is a fascinating structure and plays a key role in the strength, flexibility, support and movement of our bodies.

In honour of our amazing backbones, our chiropractor in Central London have put together a list of spine facts, some of which may just surprise you…

1: Our spines consist of 33 individual vertebrae at birth, but some of these fuse together as we age. The “tailbone” is actually a result of this process!

2: Humans and long-necked giraffes have the same amount of cervical vertebrae! The elongated neck of a giraffe demonstrates the incredible versatility and flexibility of the spinal structure!

3: The human spine contains over 120 muscles and approximately 220 individual ligaments.

4: Over 100 joints enable the spine’s amazing flexibility and range of movement.

5: Spinal cartilage can expand and contract. Ever heard of people shrinking as they age? That’s because gravity’s pull on their body over the years has shrunk the cartilage; resulting in a decrease in height.

The spine does so much for us, but it also relies on our care to keep functioning properly. If you’re suffering from severe or consistent back pain, it’s important that you seek medical advice.