Three Promises from our Experienced London Chiropractor.

Suffering from acute or chronic pain can leave you feeling exhausted, miserable and frustrated and you’ll want to speak to a healthcare professional who thoroughly understands your problems. As well as seeking relief from your discomfort, it’s important that you discover the cause of your condition, so that an appropriate and long-term solution can be put in place.

As a leading London chiropractor, we make the following promises to each and every patient we treat:

Our first promise to you: We’ll always be honest.

We’re not in the appointment making business; we’re in the healthcare profession; and if we are unable to help you, then we’ll be honest about it. We’ll also refer you on to a specialist who is better suited to treat your condition.

Our friendly London chiropractors are here to help and advise you but you’ll never be under any pressure from us to re-book or sign up to a course of treatment.  That is completely up to you.

 Our second promise to you:  We’ll always make time for you.

There’s nothing more frustrating and disheartening than feeling like your appointments with your healthcare professionals are rushed. Our experienced London chiropractors understand that appointment durations vary depending on the condition and the patient and we ensure that you are given more than adequate time to thoroughly discuss your problems and receive appropriate treatment.

We also believe that you shouldn’t have to wait a long time for an appointment – especially if you’re in pain, discomfort or worried about a new or existing health complaint. That’s why we strive to offer new and current patients same day appointments where required. We also offer early morning, evening and weekend appointments to work around your personal or professional commitments.

Our third promise to you:  You’ll receive the highest level of personal care.

Our helpful Chiropractors are registered with the General Chiropractic Council and are all members of the British Chiropractic Association.

When you visit our leading team of London chiropractors you can trust that we will deal with your case with first-class standards of professionalism. Having successfully treated patients from 8 to 93 years of age, we understand that each case needs an individual and unique approach. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach at MotionBack; our renowned London chiropractors will thoroughly assess your condition; evaluating the cause and its presentation to create a bespoke treatment plan that is right for you.

We will then work closely with you to provide you with support, advice and assistance on your journey to better health.