Tips to keep your back safe on public transport from Central London Chiropractor Motionback

Commuting everyday to work can be tiresome and quite stressful. A study that was carried out by Evian, found that one in six commuters arrive at work wanting to go straight back to bed, with one in nine feeling miserable about their commute.

Being a leading Central London Chiropractor, we know that travelling to and from work can put a strain on your posture, so we would like to share this advice to help you and your back.

Using public transport?

  • If you use a laptop, try not to sit in the same position for long periods of time. Try to rest the laptop on a table and not on your lap
  • If you manage to get a seat, try to relax as you sit down. Make sure your shoulder blades are touching the back of the chair
  • Avoid stiffness by doing shoulder shrugs and foot clenches


  • Make sure you adjust the car seat and headrests. This will not only improve your posture but your safety too

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