Top Tips for a Healthy Spine in 2018!

Fed up of dealing with back pain on a regular basis? Had enough of those daily aches and niggles? Well with the New Year comes the perfect chance to become pain free! So here are some great and incredibly simple tips from our London chiropractor to make 2018 the year you get your back in tip top condition:

1: Stand up straight with your shoulders back, your abdominal muscles pulled in and your pelvis tilted forward. Walk and move with better posture and your back will become a lot healthier. Simple.

2: Throughout the day, focus on your breathing and posture while gently contracting your stomach muscles. This will strengthen your abdominal region which will help to support your spine. The stronger your back, the less likely you are to develop back pain.

3: Take off your suit jacket while you’re at work. Wearing a jacket while you work doesn’t allow for much movement when you’re tapping away at your computer, and if you’re jacket is especially tight, it can cause all sorts of postural distortion which can lead to pain.

Take these tips on board and your back health will almost certainly improve. What’s the reason not to?