Traffic jams can really be a pain in the back suggests our London Chiropractor

Traffic jams are what so many workers have to deal with day in day out. They are slow-moving, hot and stuffy queues either on the way to work or preventing you from going home and relaxing. As leading London chiropractors there is one other thing we’re not too keen on with traffic jams, back pain.

Sitting there for sometimes up to an hour or even 2 can take its toll on your back, neck and shoulders. No need to worry too much though, we have some useful advice that may help you avoid the pain.

Firstly you might be doing it wrong

It may sound a bit strange to say you’re ‘being stuck in traffic wrong’ but if you are getting back pain the chances are you are doing it wrong.

Poor posture in the car is a very common reason why you might get back pain from being stuck in traffic for too long.

Being busy London chiropractors we often advise our patients on their driving position and postures. It can make a real different to your pain if you make a few adjustments.

How to avoid back pain in traffic

As a leading London chiropractor we advise you to get your driving position right. It can make a big difference next time you’re stuck in a traffic jam. So before you drive off the next time you’re in your car, check out your position and posture and make the following adjustments;

The seat – The back of the seat should be set slightly backwards so that it feels natural. If you get this right your elbows should also be relaxed.

Steering wheel – If your seat has been adjusted correctly your hands should fall nicely on the steering wheel, with only a slight bend in your arms.

Mirrors – As you should remember from your test, you need to be able to see all of your mirrors from your driving position without having to move your head too much. Make sure you allow this to happen.

Seatbelts – It must never rest on your neck or fall on to the top of your arm. It must always lie across the top of your shoulder.

Footwear and relaxing – Always check your footwear is appropriate for any activity you take part in. Avoid heels and clunky boots to allow you to drive safely.

Then just make sure take a relaxed outlook on driving and maybe if you’re stuck in bad traffic take part in some seat exercises to loosen up.