Walk Away From Lower Back Pain. Top Advice From A London Chiropractor

If you suffer from ongoing or frequently recurring episodes or lower back pain, walking could improve your condition. According to our experienced chiropractor in London, walking can significantly help to reduce the number of incidents of low back pain and is an effective type of aerobic exercise that doesn’t aggravate the structures in the lower back.

But…if you are in severe pain, regular walking may be out the question. If you feel that walking would be too painful but you want to reap the healing benefits of exercise, then our London chiropractor recommends aqua jogging or deep water aerobics. As another low impact activity, the body’s buoyancy in the water reduces lower back compression and allows for more pain-free movement.

When it comes to exercising to help lower back pain, there is usually an option for everyone.

Remember that if you experience any new or worsening pain during any form of exercise, stop immediately. Also, you should seek medical advice before starting any form of new exercise.