Walk To School Month: Keep Them Healthy the Simple Way.

There’s not an easier or cheaper way to boost your children’s health than by encouraging them to walk more regularly. That’s why our team of London chiropractors are backing Walk to School Month all the way!

Every October, parents and children across the country ditch the chaotic school run and opt for a simple stroll instead. And what better season to do it than autumn! Think how invigorated you and your children will feel when you breathe in the fresh morning air, feel the crunch of the golden leaves beneath your feet and listen to the delightful sound of the squirrels saying “good morning” to the world.

Walking is one of the easiest ways to encourage increased physical activity in your children and is an incredibly effective way of maintaining good spine health. Walking to and from school will also help to boost social interaction and reduce traffic congestion near schools.

Layer Up. Kick Leaves. Get Involved!