Warm Up Your Health in Time for Spring!

With the end of winter in sight, many of us will be turning our attention away from cosy nights and comfort food and on to our health! But aside from eating well, exercising regularly and all the other good habits we already know about, what else can we do to get our bodies in tip top condition for the new season? Here are some quirky tips from our London chiropractor :

Move your body

No matter how briefly you do it, move your body!  Not only will being on the move keep help to your muscles from seizing up, but it can also stop any stress response in its tracks and boost your mood! Tracking your movement with a wristband or a pedometer can help you keep up the motivation to keep moving!

Sleep well

Sleep is vitally important to good health. But digital devices are one of the biggest culprits for restless nights. If you a can’t switch off your mobile phone , turn it to silent and tell your family and friends that you are unavailable after a certain time except for in the case of emergencies.

Work your body clock

When the clocks jump forward , the lost hour can have a big effect on our bodies; you may feel jetlagged and it can take up to five days to adjust. To help combat this, get some sunlight as soon as possible by opening the curtains or doing a coffee run.

We hope these tips help to put a spring in your step as the seasons change!