Watching the Rugby World Cup? Some advice from our London Chiropractor

That’s right, the Rugby World Cup 2015 is finally here and what a start it has been. Action packed and inspiring performances to enjoy. We as busy London chiropractors are planning to enjoy everything it has to offer but warn you to be wary of damaging your back this time.

RWC is here but it is long

Over the next 6 weeks or so there will be ‘super’ days of rugby, with up to 4 fixtures in one day.  There is a feast of rugby available and we can see how it could all be tempting to sit down and watch it all in one sitting. Be careful of doing this, as great as it sounds there are perils of being a ‘couch potato’ and we as busy London Chiropractors want to offer you some advice to avoid any back, neck and shoulder pains.

London chiropractor advises how to avoid back pain during RWC

As we mentioned above, the chances are you’re going to be quite interested by a lot of the mouth-watering fixtures available this autumn. It is important for your back however that you avoid spending very lengthy periods of time on your couch without following the advice below;

  • Shift position ever 20 minutes or so – It is important to avoid being sat in the same position for more than 20 minutes. Avoid getting stiff and getting pains by simply shifting around every 20 minutes or so or even stand up and stretch quickly.
  • Get active at half-time – You have 10 minutes at half-time to get up, make a cup of tea or grab a drink. Do it and don’t sit down again until the second half. This will ensure you stay relatively loose.
  • Don’t slump – Remember bad posture leads to back, neck and shoulder pains. Sit correctly and don’t slump to avoid pains.
  • Go out for the match – A lot of the fixtures in the RWC will be keenly anticipated by thousands to millions of people. For example the England vs. Wales game will see pubs, clubs and grounds packed out around the country. The good news for you is there is unlikely to be that much seating available. Why not go out for one or two of the bigger matches and watch the games standing up. Of course being leading London chiropractors we would warn you to be careful and don’t stand in overcrowded areas or strain your neck to view the rugby.

If you vary what you do, follow the advice above and just relax and enjoy what the RWC has to offer you can avoid a couch potato lifestyle and stay pain free. For more information please get in touch with us.