What are your favourite walking scenes from the silver screen? Tell our London chiropractor

National Walking Month is over, and it has been a great month. Hopefully many of you will have been inspired by the campaign and wish to take up regular walking, be it to work, at lunch as a leisure activity.

We thought a good way to celebrate the end of National Walking Month would be with a bit of light-hearted fun. We spotted a great idea from the Digital coordinator of the National Walking Month campaign and want to share it with you. So without further ado;

The best walking scenes from the silver screen

We have compiled the list mainly from the blog piece provided by Matt, the digital co-ordinator for National Walking Month, but we have also added one or two of our own ideas;

The Wizard of Oz – Perhaps one of the top films with the top walking scenes in cinema history, follow the yellow brick road.

The Lord of the Rings – From one great adventure to another, as we see first the Fellowship of the Rings undertakes a very long voyage, by foot. We later see Frodo and Sam complete a truly epic walk as they destroy the ring in Mordor.

Frozen – The first of two Disney entries see Frozen, a hugely popular film over the last 2 years. There is basically a lot of walking from the two princesses’ back and forth from their palace to top of an ice cold mountain.

Reservoir Dogs – Moving away from the family films we have the film Reservoir Dogs. Perhaps one of the most iconic film scenes over the last few decades and with a great song to go with it, we see the cast leave the café towards the beginning of the film in a very cool manner.

The Hangover – Not particularly a film with a huge amount of walking in it but inspired by the previous entry on this list we include the Hangover. Who could forget the scene of ‘the Wolfpack’ strolling down the hotel corridor looking cool and….Very hung-over.

Stand By Me – This film shows a group of 4 friends come of age as they go on a pretty long walk.

So there you have it, 6 films with some of the best walking scenes in film. Have we missed any out? Let us know.