Why do people get back pain? Our London chiropractor offers some insights

Back pain is a very commonplace problem. In the UK about 1 in 4 of us either suffers from back pain or has suffered from it in the past. It is rubbish and stating the obvious, painful. As a leading London chiropractor I have good news though, we know a lot about it.

We know what causes back pain, we know how to manage the pain and we even know how to treat the pain. We know a lot about back pain and how sometimes you only need to make minor changes in your life to recover from it.

Back pain cause problems

As stated above we know and you know that back pain can be very uncomfortable. Unfortunately the structure of the back and tissues are very easy to damage and feel pain easily. This means that you can end up in a lot of discomfort and agony. Sometimes the pain be around your waist, sometimes around the shoulder blades, sometimes only on one side of the back or sometimes both. It can also be a sharp pain or constant dull and draining pain.

It is a serious problem and if the pain is bad enough you can end up unable to work and function.

Why do people get back pain?

Fortunately we are not hopeless in the fight against back pain. Being a busy London Chiropractor we see a lot of patients come through our doors suffering from back pain. It is the nature of our work. This does mean we are expertly placed to comment on why people end up suffering.

A lot of the time it is down to a culmination of minor things. It might be because of the way you sit, stand or walk. It might be because you are sat down all day in your commute, your job and your social life. Sometimes stress can cause tension in the back muscle or perhaps you have triggered and old sporting injury. There are also the rare occasions where back pain is the sign of a more serious underlying medical condition.

Thankfully it is very rare for back pain to be a complicated medical condition and chiropractors are highly trained to spot any signs.

How to cope with back pain

For most people who suffer from an episode of back pain it usually last a few days or weeks. However during that time it can be painful and you will need to ensure you take it easy for a day or two.

As a London chiropractor it is my duty to stress the next point however. It is very important to remember that your back is designed for movement and you shouldn’t rest for too long as this does not normally help and may cause more damage in the long term. The people who cope best with back pain keep moving.

How a London chiropractor can help you

As stated above for most people back pain is a short term problem that is often solved by resting initially and then keeping active. However there will be many people where this isn’t good enough and more attention is needed. If your back pain persists for longer than a couple of weeks then you will need to seek professional help.

As a leading London chiropractor we strongly advise you coming to see us. Chiropractors can help because we specialise in diagnosing and managing conditions of the spine. We are regulated by law and train for years and are very good at finding the cause of the pain.

Once we have diagnosed the pain we then come up a pain management solution. This can vary depending on the patient.

If you have a back problem that you are worried about, please visit us and we’d love to help.