Wrapping Presents Could Cause Your Back Pain

It’s that time of year when every second seems to be taken up by wrapping presents. Big ones, small ones, odd shaped ones and ones that that just weren’t meant for wrapping paper – we’re all in the same boat; desperately  trying to get all those gifts looking pretty for Christmas morning. But you don’t want to end up with back or neck pain in the process.

To reduce the risk of picking up a back or neck injury while wrapping Christmas presents, our central London chiropractor has some top tips on keeping your back and neck safe as you prepare the gifts this year.

1: Plan

It’s all about preparation. Instead of rummaging around for your scissors, sellotape and everything else that comes with gift wrapping, make sure you get all your accessories ready beforehand. This way, you’ll have everything you need at hand without having to rush around.

2: Sit at a Table

Slouching on the floor for hours on end is seriously bad news on your spine, so choose a suitable place to wrap your gifts. Sitting at a desk or a table – where you can maintain good posture – is the most sensible option.

3: Perfect your Technique

Safe gift wrapping comes with good wrapping techniques. While wrapping, make sure your wrists are kept straight and that your elbows are close to your body. This will stop you from over stretching. You should also keep your neck straight so that you are not leaning over. And of course, if you have lots of gifts to wrap, take regular breaks, get up, stretch and walk around.

4: Take Advantage of Wrapping Services

Why do all the wrapping yourself when someone else can do it for you? There are many gift wrapping services available, so take a look at what is available near you!

You may have a “to do” list longer than Santa’s beard, but nothing is worth the risk of back pain! Believe us; we see it day in, day out!