You Posture Could Be Damaging Your Health Warns Out London Chiropractor

posture advice from our London ChiropractorOn a daily basis our chiropractors at our central London chiropractic clinic, MotionBack, treat patients whose posture is causing or contributing to the pain they are experiencing. Most of these patients are completely unaware that their posture is affecting their health.

The good news is that with the proper education, treatment and exercise and lifestyle maintenance advice, many patients experience a relief from the conditions they have suffered.

Our London chiropractor covers why postural conditions are on the increase, the symptoms that are commonly experienced because of poor posture and how our London chiropractors at Motion Back help patients with postural corrections.

Would highly recommend visiting MotionBack to anyone experiencing back pain or headaches related to bad posture, or if they spend most of their day sitting in front of a laptop. Grateful to Marco for his help, he was happy to explain in detail the issue and his intervention and gave me plenty of tips for maintenance. A life saver!” Viviana S (5-Star Google Review)


Why Postural Conditions Are On The Increase

Today’s work and leisure lifestyles often contribute to postural changes. Postural changes can come about for many reasons such as the type of work a person does, repetitive actions that are undertaken, long periods of sedentary behaviour such as sitting at a desk or slouching on a sofa or even the way a person stands.

These postural changes can impact the load put on joints and muscles which can lead to movement restrictions and muscle tightness. These changes can often result in a person experiencing pain.


Symptoms Commonly Experienced Because Of Posture

Common symptoms that patients visiting our chiropractic clinic present with and where posture is contributing to their symptoms include back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and leg pain. Recurring headaches and migraines are also often common conditions.

Have been going to see Andy regularly for a few years due to my bad posture from sitting/computer work. Walk out of there feeling like a new person every single time! He is really thoughtful about treatment and has been helping me ensure I keep up with exercises and posture at home. Can’t recommend enough!” Irina K (5-Star Google Review)


How Our London Chiropractors at Motion Back Help Patients With Postural Corrections

Our chiropractors are committed to identifying and fixing the cause of a patient’s problem to prevent further episodes and not just to treat the symptoms presented.

During a patient’s first visit, their chiropractor will undertake a consultation, covering a full case history relating to the main condition and any other issues that the patient may want to cover. A full postural assessment is also undertaken. The consultation is followed by a full physical examination to test the patient’s nerves, joints and muscles.

Further tests may be required to provide the chiropractor with all the information required to diagnose the problem.

When the chiropractor has all the information they need they will explain the patient’s problem in full, how to get rid of it, how long it is like to take and how to stop it recurring. If the patient’s posture is contributing to their condition, the chiropractor will explain how posture is impacting upon their health and how it may be contributing to their symptoms.

If chiropractic treatment is appropriate, the patient is then able to decide if they wish to continue with the treatment.

Along with chiropractic treatment, the chiropractor will advise on exercise and lifestyle changes that can help the patient.


I highly recommend MotionBack to my colleagues and friends and they are equally impressed and happy with the results they’ve experienced. Andy corrected my bad posture and painful back problems very quickly and couldn’t be a safer pair of hands if you’re nervous about seeing a chiropractor. Quite simply, the best!” Hal S (5-Star Google Review)

I would highly recommend visiting MotionBack to anyone experiencing back pain related to bad posture, or if they spend most of their day sitting in front of a laptop like myself.” Justin A (5-Star Google Review)

Andy is a wonderful chiropractor and I’ve felt a marked and lasting difference in my posture and sore muscles. I highly recommend.” Anjola A (5-Star Google Review)


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