Your posture is important. Here’s a great way to improve it suggests our London Chiropractor

Posture is very important. Good posture can make you feel more confident, it can make you seem more powerful and taller, and it make help people trust you.

There are many ways good posture can be good for you but as a leading London chiropractor we’re more concerned with how good posture can keep you in good health, or rather poor posture can cause problems. If you practice poor posture you can actually cause yourself a lot of pain and problems with your body.

No worries however, we as busy London Chiropractors have some simple advice to share with you to keep your back in good condition and your confidence high.

Warm up

  • Start with the ideal posture, ensure you are standing straight and tall with your head held high
  • Tilting star
  • Twirling star
  • Twisting star

Looking after your posture

  • Trap openers
  • The eagle
  • The humming bird
  • The butterfly

Core balances

  • Tight rope
  • The rocker
  • Extending the sword
  • Shaking loose

For in depth instruction please take a look at the following video