Our Pledge To You

Doing what’s in the best interest of our patients is at the core of everything we do at MotionBack. That’s why we take our pledge to you seriously.

  • To provide the most effective personalised treatment available based upon current, high quality research, ‘best practice’ and clinical experience.
  • If we can’t help we’ll be honest with you. We’ll also help refer you to a specialist who can.
  • We don’t do ‘in/out’ treatments lasting less than 10 minutes. Treatment times vary depending on the condition but we’ll ensure we are thorough and you get the most from your visits.
  • No sales pitch. You will never be pressured to re-book or sign up to a course of treatment. That’s entirely up to you.
  • Following the initial in-depth consultation and physical assessment you will receive a full, clear explanation of the most likely causes behind your condition and how we can help.
  • We are GCC registered and members of the British Chiropractic Association. The General Chiropractic Council have released a guide on what to expect when you visit a chiropractor. To view this guide click GCC Guide What To Expect.
  • We’re friendly………….ask us questions at any time.

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