posture advice from our London Chiropractor

Is Your Posture A Problem Asks Our London Chiropractor?

Most of the patients who visit our London chiropractic clinic, MotionBack, do so because they are suffering pain. Most frequently this is back pain, however, other common symptoms they may be suffering include pain in other areas of their body such as the neck, shoulder and leg. Other patients find that they are suffering recurring […]

motorhoming back safe advice from our London chiropractor

Back Safe Camping, Caravaning & Motorhoming Advice From Our London Chiropractor

An increasing number of Brits are spending their summer holidays traveling around the UK, camping, caravanning, and motor homing. These popular activities are a wonderful way to explore the country and discover some exciting new locations. However, if you haven’t been traveling in a while, there are a few precautions that should be taken, particularly […]

7 Exercises For Back Pain Our London Chiropractors Recommend

7 Exercises For Back Pain Our London Chiropractors Recommend

If you think the best treatment for a sore back is laying on the couch all day, you couldn’t be more wrong. In almost all cases, staying active and continuing to exercise will help you recover faster and can protect your back from further injury. When a client visits our London chiropractors at Motion Back […]

back care sleep advice from our London chiropractor

The Importance Of Sleep For Back Health

You probably already know that getting a good night’s sleep is important for maintaining your energy levels throughout the day. But did you know that the quality of your sleep can also have a role in determining your back health? As you sleep, the body performs a wide variety of important tasks. These tasks include […]

back care advice for Christamas from our London chiropractor

Our London Chiropractor Offers Advice For Keeping Your Back Healthy Over The Christmas Period

Our London chiropractic clinic, MotionBack, usually sees an increase in appointments each January. This sudden influx of patients occurs because so many people develop back soreness during the holiday period. Their back issues are often a result of accidents and behavioural changes that have occurred during the Christmas holidays. To help you avoid back soreness […]

Our London Chiropractor Outlines 8 Habits That Are Hurting Your Back

Our London Chiropractor Outlines 8 Habits That Are Hurting Your Back

Many of the patients who visit our London Chiropractor clinic, MotionBack, for the first time have been dealing with back pain for several years. We work closely with these patients to deliver a treatment plan that provides pain relief while addressing the root cause of their back pain. In many cases, we discover that their […]

back care advice from our london chiropractor

Preventing Back Pain At Work Advice From Our London Chiropractor

Whether it is a dull throbbing at the base of your spine or a sharp ache around your shoulders — back pain can have a serious impact on your life.  Many of the people who visit our London chiropractor clinic experience back pain that is caused by how they work.  In this post, I’ll share […]

back care advice from our London chiropractor

Easter Travel Tips From Our London Chiropractor — Avoiding Back Pain

Easter is a wonderful time of year as it provides us with an opportunity to catch up with friends and family.  Enjoying some Easter eggs, hot cross buns, and delicious home cooked meals is an added bonus! Unfortunately, many people have to travel long distances over Easter to reach their loved ones.  Travelling can be […]

Back care advice for mothers from our London Chiropractor

6 Common Causes of Back Pain For Mothers (and How to Prevent Them)

Mother’s day is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to make sure that your mum is doing well.  Or, if you are a mother yourself, now is a great time to take an inventory of your own health and deal with any concerns that you may have. Mums often suffer from […]