It’s National Gardening Week

National Gardening Week kicks off on the 30th April and this year the focus turns to encouraging gardeners to share their love of gardening. Gardening is a great activity – it helps keep you active and gets you outdoors. However, it can sometimes result in strains to muscle and injuries to backs. It’s not uncommon […]

What’s That Popping Sound Your Neck Makes?

Hearing a “pop”, “crack” or a grinding sound in your neck can be alarming, but in most cases these strange sounds pose no cause for concern. Our leading chiropractor in London explains that these “popping” or “cracking” noises, known as Crepitus, are usually nothing more than the release of gas bubbles that have formed between […]

Internet Favoured Over TV but Posture Problems Are a Big Issue

Once upon a time, we worried about the effects that being couch potatoes were having on our postures. But now, in the 21st century, we are facing an even bigger problem…because now we can be “couch potatoes” without even sitting on a couch and without so much as a TV in sight… And it’s all […]

Quit Smoking this New Year? Your Back Health May Benefit!

We’re almost three months into the New Year and by now some of you may be reaping the benefits of those New Year’s Resolutions you made. If the 1st January saw you “stubbing out” your smoking habit, then a big “well done!” from all of us here at our London chiropractic clinic. It may not […]

Top London Chiropractor Explains How to Make Your Own Ice Packs!

If you suffer from back ache, you’re probably aware that cold or ice packs are an effective way to help reduce inflammation and numb a painful spot. You’ve probably seen many people using frozen peas as a homemade remedy for muscle pain (you may even be partial to “pea therapy” yourself!), but ice packs mould […]

Walk Away From Lower Back Pain. Top Advice From A London Chiropractor

If you suffer from ongoing or frequently recurring episodes or lower back pain, walking could improve your condition. According to our experienced chiropractor in London, walking can significantly help to reduce the number of incidents of low back pain and is an effective type of aerobic exercise that doesn’t aggravate the structures in the lower […]

Give Your Back Some TLC This Valentine’s Day. Top Tips For a Healthy Back By A Trusted London Chiropractor

It’s the month for love and romance but are you giving your body the TLC it deserves? When it comes to our backs, many of us only start to properly take care of them when they start to cause pain. Buy why? We wouldn’t wait until our teeth were decayed to start brushing them… According […]

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet with Advice from Our London Chiropractor

The New Year is quickly approaching and as we say “goodbye” to 2015, many of us will be making New Year’s resolutions for the year ahead. But as we all know, these self-promises have got a bit of reputation for having a short shelf life with many plans becoming just distant memories once January is […]

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Warm Up Your Health this Winter with Advice from Our Reputable London Chiropractor

With the winter weather in full swing, many of us will be looking for proactive ways to lessen the risk of associated health problems. Colder temperatures increase the risk of repository problems such as flu and can raise blood pressure levels. For the elderly, where blood pressure takes longer to return to normal after being […]