Simple Changes For A Healthier You in 2019

Simple Changes For A Healthier You in 2019

As a London chiropractor, many clients coming into my chiropractic clinic are interested in improving their physical health.  I assist them by performing spinal and joint adjustments which help them regain mobility, improve their sporting performance, and reduce any pain they may be experiencing. However, there are also many lifestyle changes that clients can undertake […]

london chiropractor helps alleviate stress

7 Ways To Reduce Stress and Feel Better

Stress is a common condition that affects millions of people in the United Kingdom.  While most people assume that stress is a normal part of daily life, it can actually be quite dangerous if not addressed.  It can even contribute to a number of other illnesses including obesity, anxiety, depression, and heart disease. As  a […]

Exercising Doesn’t Have To Mean Gym

An active lifestyle and taking regular exercise is important for our health. As chiropractors in a busy central London chiropractic clinic we see the effect that sedentary and stressful lifestyles have on our patients health, especially their backs, everyday. We encourage everyone to get more active and to take regular exercise, however, one of the […]

It’s Walk to School Week

Every May, Living Streets, holds a country-wide campaign to encourage parents and children to walk to school. In 2017, 400,000 children and their families joined the challenge. Each year Living Streets come up with a new themed challenge which is designed to be fun, however, the common aim is to get kids and parents walking […]

Spring Is In The Air – Time For Some Exercise

Spring is here and with the weather improving (we hope) and longer days it’s a great time to get outdoors and get some exercise. For many taking exercise conjures up sweaty gyms and heavy and cumbersome equipment, however, our London chiropractor at MotionBack suggests a simple, accessible and free form of exercise suitable for all […]