athlete in peak performance preparing for race

Unlocking Peak Performance: Chiropractic for Sports-Related Injuries

Athletes, both professional and amateur, often face unique challenges when it comes to their physical well-being. In this article, our London chiropractor explores how chiropractic plays a pivotal role in not only expediting recovery but also in preventing sports-related injuries.   Understanding Sports-Related Injuries   Engaging in sports is a fantastic way to stay active, […]

chiropractic care for headaches and migraines

Our London Chiropractor Asks: Are Frequent Headaches/Migraines Getting You Down?

As a chiropractor based in busy chiropractic clinic in central London, I understand the debilitating impact that headaches and migraines can have on the lives of many individuals. These conditions often disrupt daily activities, making it challenging to work, socialise, or even enjoy simple pleasures. In this blog post, I will explore how chiropractic care […]

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Feeling Stressed? Nine Practical Ways To Reduce Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life. We all experience it from time to time, and in small doses, it can even be helpful in keeping us motivated and focused. However, when stress becomes chronic or overwhelming, it can have a negative impact on our physical and mental health. Almost every day our London Chiropractors […]

Chiropractic treatment at London Chiropractor MotionBack

Our London Chiropractor Shares 10 Facts That May Surprise You About Chiropractic

Whether you have, or have not, received chiropractic care, our London Chiropractors have put together some facts that may surprise you about chiropractic. Some of these facts may also answer some questions that you have about chiropractic care and others may dispel some views that people have about chiropractic treatment.   Facts That May Surprise […]

Chiropractic treatment at London Chiropractor MotionBack

In Pain? How long have you been suffering?

Our London chiropractors at MotionBack treat patients on a daily basis who are in pain. Common conditions that our patients present with include: Lower back pain Leg pain Neck pain Headaches & migraines Sports injuries Poor posture And other conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system.   Whilst for many patients the conditions they seek treatment for […]

injury free cycling advice from our london chiropractor

7 Steps To Avoid Common Cycling Injuries

Cycling continues to increase in popularity and while regular cycling can bring many health benefits, it can also be challenging on the body. It is not uncommon for patients to visit, MotionBack, our chiropractic clinic in central London, with cycling related problems. Some of these problems are a direct result of an accident. However, the […]

posture advice from our London Chiropractor

Is Your Posture A Problem Asks Our London Chiropractor?

Most of the patients who visit our London chiropractic clinic, MotionBack, do so because they are suffering pain. Most frequently this is back pain, however, other common symptoms they may be suffering include pain in other areas of their body such as the neck, shoulder and leg. Other patients find that they are suffering recurring […]

Don't Let The Daily Commute Wear Your Back Down Recommends Our London Chiropractor

Don’t Let The Daily Commute Wear Your Back Down Recommends Our London Chiropractor

In 2019, a report published by the union group TUC suggested that the average commute time was continuing to increase for UK residents. The report found that the average worker spent 5 minutes more time commuting each day compared to 10 years previous to that. While this might not seem like much, it equates to […]

hudration advice from our london chiropractor

Why Hydration Is Important For Good Health

Our London chiropractic clinic uses a holistic approach when treating our patients. Aside from assessing each patient’s musculoskeletal system, we ask questions to determine if there are any lifestyle factors which may be negatively impacting their health. In many cases, we discover that a patient has issues relating to nutrition, exercise, ergonomics, or habits which […]