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Our London Chiropractor Asks – Is This The Year To Improve Your Posture?

Are you suffering from forward head posture, sloping shoulders, anterior pelvic tilt, or another common postural issue? Perhaps you are dealing with back or neck pain that may be caused by poor posture? If so, then 2021 is the year to take action. There are several simple steps you can take to restore your posture […]

How A Pinched Nerve Can Cause Unexplained Abdominal Pain

The nervous system is one of the most complex parts of the human body. It is an organ system that contains a network of specialised cells called neurones, which connect the brain to various parts of the body. The nervous system is responsible for several critical tasks including the coordination of movement, transmission of sensory […]

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Our London Chiropractor Explains About Soft Tissue Therapy

Chiropractic treatment involves a wide range of manipulative techniques. These techniques are designed to improve the function of the joints, relieving pain and muscle spasm. Other methods of treatment such as mobilisation, soft tissue therapies, stretches, dry needling and the use of rehabilitation programmes may also be used. In this post, our London chiropractor explains […]

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Our London Chiropractor Suggests 10 Simple Ways To Beat Stress And Anxiety

The world is currently a very stressful place for many people due to the COVID-19 pandemic and slowing economy. Unfortunately, with this stress comes a number of health risks. In fact, many of the patients we see at our London chiropractic Clinic – MotionBack are suffering health complaints that are associated with stress, like unexplained […]

london chiropractor helps alleviate stress

How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Stress

It’s perfectly normal to experience stress when rushing to meet a deadline, going into an argument, or dealing with other day-to-day problems. However, when feelings of stress become persistent and long-lasting, it can become hazardous to your health. Chronic stress can increase the risk of several serious illnesses including anxiety, depression, chronic headaches, heart disease, […]

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New Study Shows Chiropractic Care Contributing Toward 50 Percent Reduction In Opioid Prescriptions

Patients who come into our London chiropractic clinic – MotionBack are often dealing with musculoskeletal issues that cause chronic pain. When questioned about their pain, they often mention that it can be quite severe at times and that they have to resort to using strong pain killers. A recent study published in the United States […]

Our London Chiropractor Explains The Benefits Of Stretching

Our London Chiropractor Explains The Benefits Of Stretching

Most people are in the habit of performing a couple of stretches when they get out of bed each morning. It’s a great way to remove the stiffness in your muscles and joints caused by laying down in bed for a long period. But did you know that stretching more often can provide many other […]

Simple Changes For A Healthier You in 2019

Simple Changes For A Healthier You in 2019

As a London chiropractor, many clients coming into my chiropractic clinic are interested in improving their physical health.  I assist them by performing spinal and joint adjustments which help them regain mobility, improve their sporting performance, and reduce any pain they may be experiencing. However, there are also many lifestyle changes that clients can undertake […]

london chiropractor helps alleviate stress

7 Ways To Reduce Stress and Feel Better

Stress is a common condition that affects millions of people in the United Kingdom.  While most people assume that stress is a normal part of daily life, it can actually be quite dangerous if not addressed.  It can even contribute to a number of other illnesses including obesity, anxiety, depression, and heart disease. As  a […]