7 Exercises For Back Pain Our London Chiropractors Recommend

7 Exercises For Back Pain Our London Chiropractors Recommend

If you think the best treatment for a sore back is laying on the couch all day, you couldn’t be more wrong. In almost all cases, staying active and continuing to exercise will help you recover faster and can protect your back from further injury. When a client visits our London chiropractors at Motion Back […]

Exercising Doesn’t Have To Mean Gym

An active lifestyle and taking regular exercise is important for our health. As chiropractors in a busy central London chiropractic clinic we see the effect that sedentary and stressful lifestyles have on our patients health, especially their backs, everyday. We encourage everyone to get more active and to take regular exercise, however, one of the […]

Starting a New Year Health Regime? Three Tips for Swimming with Back Pain From Our Leading London Chiropractor.

Swimming indoors is a popular form of exercise at this time of year when the weather outside is still unpleasant. As a team of experienced London chiropractors, we recommend swimming as the buoyancy of the water holds your body weight and limits the stress on your joints and spine. But many strokes can aggravate lower […]