Good Luck from MotionBack to everyone running in this year’s London Marathon

It’s that time of year again. Thousands upon thousands of runners will be preparing for the big race this weekend. Month’s maybe even years of preparation come down to this weekend for so many runners and we at Motionback are wishing you the best of luck.

Being a central London chiropractor we almost can’t escape the London Marathon, and why would we want to. It’s been said to be the biggest annual fundraiser in the world, raising over £500 million since its launch in 1981. Every year around 36,000 people run a gruelling 26 mile course from plucky amateurs to professionals at the heights of their careers.

We as a busy London chiropractor take particular interest in the marathon and the health benefits and effects.

Therefore we just want to remind you to keep calm this week, remember to ease off physical activity and prepare your body accordingly with the right foods etc. After the race make sure you look after your body well and give it the rest it needs.

Good luck for the race, enjoy your day and if you’re not running, get involved go down and support and donate some money for many excellent causes.