Playing Santa this Christmas Eve? Make Sure You Don’t Pick Up an Injury! Warns Our Leading London Chiropractor

Playing Santa this Christmas Eve? Make Sure You Don’t Pick Up an Injury! Warns Our Leading London ChiropractorIf you’ve got kids (or maybe even if you haven’t!), Christmas Eve will probably see you “gift arranging.” Whether you’re carting gifts from room to room, sneaking boxes down from the attic or doing some last minute wrapping, you could be putting yourself at risk of back injuries (and in the hustle bustle, you probably won’t even realise it!).

We all have a tendency to overdo it in the lead up to Christmas, and quite often this means placing our health further down the priority list.

According to our leading London chiropractor, there are many activities that can cause back and neck pain over the festive period; and Christmas Eve is one of the riskiest times. Sitting on the floor wrapping Christmas presents, shifting heavy boxes from one place to another and often being “too busy” to take breaks from all the preparation duties can be hazardous to your back health. But there are ways you can have a smooth and stress free Christmas Eve without putting your back in danger. Our reputable chiropractor in London shares the following advice:

1: Don’t sit on the floor to wrap presents or write cards. Instead, sit at a chair and wrap/ write at table height. This will prevent you from needing to bend and will also prevent stress on your knees from kneeling.

2:Don’t lift heavy or large boxes on your own. If you live alone, ask a relative or a friend to come around and help you.

3: If you have to nip out to grab some last minute items on Christmas Eve, try not to carry too many bags at the same time. Make regular trips to drop some items at your car – even if it does add on some extra time to your outing. If you are unable to get back to your car, make sure you distribute the weight of the bags evenly across your body.

Whatever you are doing, our wish for you is to have a happy and safe Christmas.