Our London Chiropractor Shares The Best Strategies For Protecting Your Lower Back From Injury

Our London Chiropractor Shares The Best Strategies For Protecting Your Lower Back From Injury

At London Chiropractor MotionBack we often treat patients with lower back injuries. Lower back injuries are very common simply because this section of the spine is so easy to injure. You can injure your lower back while gardening, playing sports, lifting heavy objects, or by simply getting out of bed the wrong way in the […]

Life Can Be Hard On Mums’ Backs

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us and we’re sure here at MotionBack most mums will receive some rightly deserved treats or pampering on the day. As we approach Mother’s Day our London chiropractor has some timely advice for mums to keep their backs safe and avoid back injuries and back pain. Life as a mum, […]

It’s the month for romance, but are you loving your spine?

It’s the month of romance but are you giving your spine the love it needs? Here are some simple tips from our London chiropractor to keep your spine in tip top condition: 1: Lift right It’s incredibly easy to twist the wrong way and damage your spine if you don’t use proper form when lifting […]

What’s Up With Your Upper Back?

Wondering why your upper back is painful? This short article may help you to better understand your issue. Back pain—and more importantly, how to treat it—depends on the underlying cause of the condition. Even in cases where the cause of upper back pain seems obvious, such as from an injury from a fall, the specific […]

Get Your Back in Shape in January!

Struggling to think of  New Year’s resolution that you can actually stick to in 2018? Ponder no more – make it looking after your spine! It’s incredibly easy to take better care of your spine, and it usually involves nothing more than practicing better body mechanics when you carry out simple daily tasks. Our  London […]

Christmas Shopping? Keep That Back Safe!

Love it or hate it, you are probably going to have to start doing it sometime soon. And you need to keep your back safe while you’re at it! We’re talking about Christmas shopping, of course – a frequent culprit for back pain! According to our London chiropractor, the number of back injuries usually increases […]

Do You Know Your Back Pain Triggers?

If you suffer from chronic back pain, it’s crucial that you to recognise what triggers your symptoms. Knowing what could potentially worsen your back condition will enable you to better manage your pain. So here are three common back pain triggers, according to our London chiropractor. Lifting Incorrectly Bending in the wrong position can trigger […]

Discover the Cause of Your Back Pain

For many people with back pain, not knowing the cause of their condition is as frustrating as the pain itself. If you can relate to this, here are three questions that our London chiropractor suggests you ask yourself? Do you exercise? If you are inactive, your back and abdominal muscles may be weak. This can […]