winter spine health advice from our london chiropractor

Keep Your Spine Healthy This Winter With Advice From Our London Chiropractor

The nights are closing in, mornings are darker, and temperatures are dropping. Welcome to winter in the UK. At this time of the year, it is not uncommon for our chiropractors at our chiropractic clinic in London to hear patients mention that they seem to have more issues with their spine during the winter months. […]

7 Exercises For Back Pain Our London Chiropractors Recommend

7 Exercises For Back Pain Our London Chiropractors Recommend

If you think the best treatment for a sore back is laying on the couch all day, you couldn’t be more wrong. In almost all cases, staying active and continuing to exercise will help you recover faster and can protect your back from further injury. When a client visits our London chiropractors at Motion Back […]

Our London Chiropractor Explains The Benefits Of Stretching

Our London Chiropractor Explains The Benefits Of Stretching

Most people are in the habit of performing a couple of stretches when they get out of bed each morning. It’s a great way to remove the stiffness in your muscles and joints caused by laying down in bed for a long period. But did you know that stretching more often can provide many other […]

It’s the month for romance, but are you loving your spine?

It’s the month of romance but are you giving your spine the love it needs? Here are some simple tips from our London chiropractor to keep your spine in tip top condition: 1: Lift right It’s incredibly easy to twist the wrong way and damage your spine if you don’t use proper form when lifting […]

Top Tips for a Strong and Healthy Spine!

When considering our health and quality of life, we often take our spines for granted. But a strong and healthy spine really is essential to achieving overall health. And it’s really easy to keep your back in tip top condition with these simple exercise tips from our London chiropractor: Range of motion exercises such as […]

Prepare for a Summer of Sports

Summer’s here and there’s a jam-packed sporting schedule ahead!  While the rest of the country lap up the British sunshine, die-hard sports fanatics are likely to be fixated on the small screen this summer as tournaments such as Wimbledon, Euro 2016 and the Rio Olympics liven up their living rooms. But while the pro-athletes showcase […]

Starting a New Year Detox? Advice from our Trusted Chiropractor in London

January is in full swing and after weeks of festive indulgences, many of us are embarking on some serious health kicks. But getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard work – and New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be broken! Our reputable chiropractor in London shares three top tips for a hassle-free new you: 1: […]