Could Your Sleep Time Be Putting Your Back At Risk

Could Your Sleep Time Be Putting Your Back At Risk

As an experienced London chiropractor many of the clients that visit my chiropractic clinic suffer from lower back pain when they wake up in the morning.  This is often caused by their sleeping position or the poor quality of their mattress.  However, morning back pain can also be associated with how long a person sleeps […]

back pain myths dispelled by our london chiropractor

The Myths Surrounding Back Pain (And What’s Best For It)

Being a busy London chiropractor, I see dozens of patients each week from a variety of different backgrounds.  My clients range from tradesmen and white collar professionals to active sportspeople and the elderly.  The one thing that many of my clients have in common is back pain. When talking to a patient with back pain, […]

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Is Your Lifestyle Harming Your Back?

Clients attend my London chiropractor clinic for many different reasons.  In many cases, they require treatment for medical conditions and recent injuries.  However, the most common reason why clients seek chiropractic treatment is to fix long-term problems that have been caused by their lifestyle. The activities that you perform everyday will have a dramatic impact […]

Who Neglects Back Pain The Most? Our London Chiropractor reveals …

Who neglects back and neck pain the most – men or women? Our London chiropractor at MotionBack shares that research* undertaken by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) reveals that it’s women. Women take twice as long as men to seek help for their pain. It takes women on average 6 weeks to seek help with […]

Back Safe Travelling This Summer

Whether your hopping on a plane, jumping on a train or driving in your car to reach your holiday destination our chiropractors encourage you to take care of your back. In our last post our chiropractors at Motionback Chiropractic Clinic in Holborn shared their advice to keep your back safe when flying. In this post […]

Protect Your Back If Your Jetting Off

The summer season is well and truly upon us and many of us will be heading off overseas to take a much needed break. Our chiropractors at Motionback Chiropractic in Central London want to make sure that everyone has a great time and avoid unnecessary back problems tat can occur when flying. Whilst taking a […]

Don’t Let A Summer Of Sport Hurt Your Back

Summer has arrived early for many of us with temperatures soaring and bbqs blazing. If the sun keeps shining and temperatures stay high this could be one long hot summer to look forward to. We also have a lot of sport to look forward to – for some this is a plus , for others […]

Don’t try these cures for your back pain

Back pain can be extremely painful and have a significant impact on your life. It’s therefore understandable that some people may go to extremes to try and ‘cure’ it. However, chiropractors who are members of the British Chiropractic Association have shared some very strange ‘cures’ that patients of theirs have tried before visiting them. These […]